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Just Architecture

Just Architecture is a group at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University, aiming to provide support and recognition for matters of equality and diversity primarily through intersectional feminist approaches. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, matters of gender, ethnicity/race, ability, class/socio-economy, religion, age and sexuality. We see this work as an ongoing process of conversation and challenge, both directed towards the particular work at our institution and in conversation with the broader architecture discipline. JUST ARCHITECTURE is connected to the equality, equal treatment and diversity work (JäLM) at LTH as well as the Parity Front, a global network of organizations working towards equity in architecture.

The group originates from the work with gender equality, equal treatment and diversity at LTH, Faculty of Engineering, Sweden. 

The group is part of a global network (Parity Front) of organizations working for equality in architecture. 

Lunch Talk 22 April with Tomà Berlanda

Tomà Berlanda is Professor of Architectural Technology at the Politecnico di Torino and Honorary Research Associate at the University of Cape Town. His teaching and research focus on notions of environment, construction, ground, and land across geographies of the South. He has co-founded asa studio and, two collaborative practices that have produced internationally recognised design work in Eastern and Southern Africa. His publications include Architectural Topographies (2014), Interpreting Kigali: Architectural Inquiries and Prospects for a Developing African City (together with K. H. Smith, 2018), and the forthcoming edited volume Architecture of Commonality. Grounds for Hope (2024).

Words and Buildings: Architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa 1960-2020

Why talk about languages? Rewriting the canon - or at least recognizing that the Western canon is not the only lens through which to look at the world seems a way to tackle the hidden complexities that surround “global” history. In this regard architecture in post independence Sub-Saharan Africa offers elements that can be brought into a less linear and more complex reading of the historiographical narrative.

Medical center Mali. Photo.

Image: André Ravereau, Medical Centre, Mopti, Mali, 1976 (credits: AKTC)


The fall symposium 2023 

The fall symposium of 2023 at Lund School of Architecture was arranged by JUST ARCHITECTURE and focused on the concept of unlearning, which can be defined as the deliberate act of challenging previous habits by bringing new insights to allegedly neutral knowledges. The symposium aimed to shed light upon the intertwinement between learning and unlearning as a necessity for critically thinking about – and doing – architecture.

The invited lecturers worked together with JUST ARCHITECTURE and the library of Architecture and Design and presented a full day program with different takes on what learning and unlearning architecture could mean both in terms of education, research, practice, and in encounters between them.


Anna Petersson, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer 

Laura Liuke, Lecturer

Alva Zalar, Doctoral Student

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