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Education is offered in undergraduate, postgraduate and independent courses.

The undergraduate education at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment offers most of the courses in the five-year Architecture programme, where the last two years end with advanced studies at the advanced level.

Courses are also provided for the international Master's programmes in Architecture, Digital Architecture and Emergent Futures and Sustainable Urban Design.

The Department also provides - to a lesser extent - courses for engineering programmes in Civil Engineering and Surveying, Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Industrial Design.

Our teaching is linked to our research, which is organised in five subject areas:

Doctoral education is conducted within three doctoral subjects:

  • Architecture
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Environmental Psychology

Independent courses are courses that are open to the public and in the fall of 2024 we offer:

  • The art of building in Europe - architectural design and tectonics
  • Visual Techniques
  • e-Environmental Psychology
  • Space, scenography and landscape
  • Scandinavian Architecture and Urbanism I


Jesper Magnusson

Director of the School of Architectur