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Third-cycle education

The Department of Architecture and Built Environment has three third-cycle study programmes: Architecture, Construction and Architecture, and Environmental Psychology.

In the third-cycle subject Architecture, the significance of spatial planning for the relationship between humans and the built environment is examined. The subject’s areas of application are in planning the built environment, design and artistic form, as well as its origin, use and evolution over time. The subject area covers sociological, scientific, technical, humanistic, aesthetic and artistic problems, theories and methods.

The third-cycle subject Construction and Architecture covers the entire planning, construction and management process, from the initial idea to demolition and reuse. The subject’s areas of application are above all in housing development, primarily having architecture and housing development in developing countries as its field of study. The subject area covers boundary-crossing and multi-disciplinary research as well as in-depth studies within a particular area of the subject.

The third-cycle subject Environmental Psychology studies how humans experience their surroundings and are affected by them, as well as how humans affect the environment through their actions. The subject deals with both the physical and the social environment and the interaction between them. Factors such as light, colour, form, noise and climate are important, as are the existing conditions of the individual and the group, along with the overall character of both urban and natural environments. Development of methods and theories as well as environmental simulations are other important elements.

A third-cycle education consists of a period equivalent to four years of full-time study.

The department currently has 11 active doctoral students.

From 2018 to 2023, a total of 8 students received their doctorates.

Most recent doctoral theses


Director of Third-Cycle Studies

Anna Petersson
+46 46 222 85 75

Programme Administrator

Juvicsa Vela
+46 46 222 76 10

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We are part of Agenda 2030 Graduation School

All faculties of the university have enrolled 30 PhD students with the Agenda 2030 Graduate School. They all relate their specific research topics to the issues defined by the Sustainable Development Goals.

From our Department we have two PhD Students in Agenda 2030: Alva Zalar and Georgios Tsiakiris. 

Information about their research projects you will find at Agenda Graduate School website.