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Master in Digital Architecture and Emergent Futures 24 May 2024

School of Architecture at Lund University invites you to presentation for degree project in Digital Architecture and Emergent Futures (ASEM01).

The presentation is public and take place 24 May at 13:00 in Black Box, A-building, Sölvegatan 24, 223 62 Lund.

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Samia Bensaber / Form without the work - robotic assembly of formwork-free vaults

This thesis investigates the revival of an age-old construction technique, vaulting, as a solution to the challenges posed by formwork-dependent construction methods.

The incorporation of robotics and automation into construction processes has opened up a new range of possibilities. This thesis argues that deploying robotics to construct vaults without requiring traditional formwork can help transform the architectural landscape. The undeniable impact of building process automation on changing architectural topologies and urban landscapes provides motivation for studies on novel construction techniques that can balance design freedom, efficiency, and sustainability.


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