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Architecture, Form and Design

The subject of Architecture, Form and Design focuses on the actual creation of architectural form in which architecture is understood as a spatial material practice that generates social, cultural and ideological meanings.

Amongst other things, we are interested in how architecture can be used as a tool to challenge norms and conventions within construction or how speculative design and material experimentation can deepen architectural thinking and show alternative future realities. Central to the subject is a critical approach to and an active development of the relationship between architecture as a form-producing academic discipline and architecture as a profession.

The subject forms a significant part of the instruction on the Architecture programme but we also conduct research and artistic exploratory projects within art and design. Our outward-facing activities are an integrated part of our work, which is expressed through exhibitions, teaching collaborations with other cultural departments and publication in non-academic contexts. Several of us are architects or artists with our own commercial practices outside academia. 

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David Andréen

Head of Subject


Staff members Architecture, Form and Design

Martin Svansjö


Erik Tonning Jensen


Rúni Weihe