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Stockholm Furniture Fair February 2024

Sky is the limit (environments, objects, phenomena and events) Flying, hovering or otherwise staying in the air has always triggered the human imagination. In addition to concrete aerial journeys, there are endless ideas about leaving the earth in various religions, cultures and popular culture. The entire modernist era runs parallel to the development of aviation. For example, Le Corbusier wrote a book on the technology/aesthetics of the aeroplane. The book is also about how flying affects the way we look at houses and cities from above. The opportunities and problems of aviation have not become less relevant in recent years.

Architectural Design Process and Prototypes 

The architectural profession is constantly trying out new approaches as each project can have different conditions. However, sometimes we need to free ourselves from conventions and our own limitations. In the Design Process and Prototype course, we will complete an idea from sketch to relatively finished result through cross-disciplinary work at a manageable scale. We will benefit from other disciplines' approaches/methodologies. Cross-border encounters can generate new unexpected results and constraints can result in more creativity than free work without a framework. Study the world around you with open eyes and learn from others' discoveries and approaches. Challenge yourself! Remember that there are no failures, only lessons learnt.


Marit Lindberg, course coordinator 

Martin Svansjö 

Helle Robertsson

Lars-Henrik Ståhl

Second year students in A-program will represent the School of Architecture at Lund University in Stockholm 2024. 


The following groups are travelling to Stockholm with their projects: 

  • Tintin Akne Vieider & Alice Persson
  • Jonatan Winsth & Nicole Meijer
  • Adam Zervakos & Nils Wanby
  • Nathalie Scheutz & Line Nielsen
  • Alice Nordblom & Hanna Nilfyr
  • Unn Arkfelt, Elsa Fredmark & Elin Berglund
  • Theo Arfvelin & Daniel Hansson
  • Oscar Landgren & Supakorn Boonthip
  • Mauritz Sundström & Klara Scheutz
  • Evangeline Mirijamdotter Johansson & Lotten Thorsell
  • Olof Nord & Alexander Wintoft
  • Selma Nilsson & Olivia Brandt Andrén
  • Tuva Strand & Simon Sabel
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