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Freestanding courses (in English) Autumn 2024

Applications for freestanding courses are made via The portal is open 15 March to 15 April 2024

e-Environmental Psychology

  • Course Coordinator: Johan Rahm 
  • Part-time 25%, in English, during the period 4 September 2024 - 4 June 2025

Course description in Swedish: Kursbeskrivning "e-Miljöpsykologi - en översikt" (Lunds universitets webbplats)

Direct in Swedish | Registration code: LU-T1015

Environmental Psychology is about human-environment transactions: how people perceive their environment and are affected by it, and how people influence the environment through their behavior. The course e-Environmental Psychology will give an introduction to the subject and provide a theoretical and methodological foundation. The course is blended, which means that is mostly web-based but it includes three occasions on which the students and the teachers meet in Lund. During the course the students will apply theories and instruments to real-world scenarios and the last assignment lets the students put theories and methods from the field of environmental psychology into practice by investigating a specific human-environment situation.

City. Photo. 

Forrest. Photo.

Scandinavian Architecture and Urbanism I

  • Course Coordinator: Paulina Prieto de la Fuente 
  • Part-time 25%, during the period 5 september - 28 november 2024

Course description in Swedish: Kursbeskrivning "Skandinavisk arkitektur och stadsbyggnad I - en översikt" (Lunds universitets webbplats)

Direct in Swedish | Registration code: LU-T1016

The course is based on historical and contemporary research in the subject of Scandinavian architecture and urbanism. It aims to provide an introduction to research methodology and orientation towards the broader theme of Scandinavian architecture and urbanism.

Building. Photo.

Building. Photo.


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