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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

French magazine Elle Decoration honours student entries - entries with a focus on recycling!

Located in southern Sweden, Lund University is at the forefront of research to create furniture that is more respectful of nature. The students are particularly committed to the recycling of our waste, which they believe is the only way to reduce an object's carbon footprint. On their stand, they displayed a sofa made by stacking cardboard boxes and then polishing this material in the same way as the sea does with the rocks of the Baltic Sea. Another madness, the armchair made by reusing an office printer almost as it is....

Elle Decoration (simple translation from French)

Two groups

We have two groups exhibiting this spring: second year students at the Architecture programme, autumn 2021 ("From sea to room") and autumn 2022 ("The unlikely office").

From sea to room

The sea holds so much. From sunny days on the beach to shipwrecks and funeral ceremonies. We travel across the seas. Diving beneath the surface. Fish. Find comfort in the steady, endless horizon. The profession of architecture is about imagining, sketching and drawing up environments and buildings. The drawing material is then passed on. In this context, students can take the next step in the process: following up on their sketches and realize their ideas.

These projects have been part of a course for second year architecture students at Lund University. The concept of the course is to complete a project from sketch to prototype at a scale of 1:1. The students had access to a wood and metal workshop to carry out their projects. This year's theme was the sea. Inspirational speakers ranged from marine archaeologists to stage designers. Here are the results of a few weeks of experimentation.

  • Lars-Henrik Ståhl
  • Martin Svansjö
  • Marit Lindberg
  • Helle Robertson

Exhibition catalogue From sea to room (PDF, 44.8 MB, new tab)


The unlikely office

In the course Design Process and Prototype, the School of Architecture's second-year students were given the task of analysing the concept of the office and, based on this, producing a piece of furniture and a piece of clothing or a hybrid between furniture and clothing.

During a few intense weeks, the physical and mental space of the office was explored from different aspects. Office machines and their functions were dissected. Scales of trivial office objects were changed and the objects were distorted until new meanings became visible. The physical weight of information was examined. It reflected on dominant managers, dress codes and psychological constraints in the office environment. Hierarchies, the dullness of routine work and other notions of the office were manifested in furniture and clothing.

Furniture that works in favour of or against the (sometimes absurd) logic of the office and

pieces of clothing that act as liberators from the boredom of the office or as retainers of the comfortable everyday routine took shape.

We teachers are impressed by how the humorous and talented work of the students has created innovative proposals that will be able to serve as tools for the discussion on the future development of the office.

Pedagogical team
  • Marit Lindberg
  • Helle Robertsson
  • Lars-Henrik Ståhl
  • Martin Svansjö 

Exhibition catalogue The unlikely office (PDF, 23.4 MB, new tab)

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