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Following the Fish - International Workshop with first and second year students (February -23)

The exhibition's curators of “Following the Fish” (winner of the competition to participate in the Eventi Collatarali of the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2023) made a call to action to the architecture students at Lund University. In response to the theme of this year's Biennale, "Africa, laboratory of futures", they proposed to work on the reality of Senegalese migrants in Barcelona. Specifically, the Union of Street Vendors, who also created the “Top Manta” fashion brand. In this political and creative struggle, this movement has re-signified its stigmatised identity as a migrant collective.

Students in Ateljé Y, first and second year design studio, developed three full scale moveable prototypes inspired from the strength of the Top Manta community and answering to the three challenges proposed on an international workshop in Barcelona in the beginning of February. Each prototype were built, drawn and put to use in an urban public context in Lund showing the students´ visions on how to eat, sleep and spend time together as part of a community ritual.

Every group prepared a film documenting a day in the life of the prototype while in use. 24 February the films was presented in  Exhibition Hall, School of Architecture, Lund University. The projection was followed by a short feedback session from our “Following the Fish” partners in Barcelona and Milano.


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