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Workflow for Master Degree project AAHM10, ASBM01

1.   Apply to enroll in the degree project course

In order to be allowed to start the project, you must have 76 credits finalized in Ladok within the programme.

All master’s students must enroll via the website "Form for degree projects": You log in (up to the right) and fill in all information in the form.

Programme: MARK – Master’s programme in Architecture (2 years) or MSUD – Master’s programme in Sustainable Urban Design (2 years)

Project: Master project – architecture

Once you have filled in the information and saved the form, the international coordinator will automatically be notified. The coordinator will check that you have 76 credits approved in Ladok, your enrolment will be approved, and you will receive an e-mail with a link that you forward to your supervisor and examiner. The enrolment process is automated, and you do not need to remind the coordinator, examineror supervisor to check for the next step as long as you follow the instructions in the enrolment system and in the workflow.

The international coordinator for the MARK/SUDes master’s programmes is Lykke Jacobson,, Kårhuset.

When your enrolment has been approved online you will be able to access the digital activity form. This activity form will serve as a table of steps you must complete throughout your degree project. This form will be checked and filled in by your examiner as you complete every needed step in this workflow. It is your responsibility as the student, to make sure your examiner signs and dates your completed activities, alternatively to send them a quick reminder after an appropriate amount of time. The entire process of signing the activity form is digital.

2.   Discussion with examiner and registration of degree project

You must write a brief (program of the degree project’s objective, expected content and schedule (1-2 A4 pages) and submit to your examiner. Based on this first draft, you will have an exploratory conversation with your examiner on the content of your degree project and on potential supervisors.

When you both have agreed on your project brief, you should submit it to your examiner. Once it is approved by the examiner and supervisor, they shall fill in the online enrolment form, using the link that you have forwarded to them.

Once both examiner and supervisor have approved your application, the international coordinator will receive information and can enter the course in your Ladok. You will then receive an e-mail that you can register, which is done in the Student Portal. As soon as you have access to your online activity form and your project brief has been approved, you will need to upload it to your activity form. After that, both examiner and supervisor (incl. any potential assistant supervisors) need to manually approve the brief in the activity form.

(For MARK: As soon as you are registered for the AAHM10 course in Ladok, you will have access to the MARK Canvas page, where you will need to upload your brief to as well)

3.   Opposition

Each student must oppose on another student’s degree project. It is recommended to choose an opposition opportunity at the beginning of your own degree process, which is when you will have the most benefit from it but remember that you have to be registered for the course before you can oppose.

If you choose not to do it at the beginning of your thesis course, you may do it at a later time during thesis presentations.

You sign up to the opposition seminar by sending an e-mail to the department’s administrator with the name and date of the student you wish to oppose as soon as you have received information regarding the schedule for presentations and you have picked a thesis to oppose. The opposition involves attending a degree presentation, being well-informed of - and prepared to comment on the degree project. Report/reading materials will be available one week before the presentation via the department’s administrator.

No later than one week after the opposition, you must submit a written document with comments and reflection on the degree project (thesis) and the opposition (about 1000 words) to your examiner and supervisor. (For MARK: Upload it to Canvas as well).

Remember to include the title of the degree project, the student’s name, the examiner’s and supervisor’s name as well as the names of the jury members, your own name and the date of the presentation. The student you opposed for shall receive a copy of your writtenopposition document.

Once you have submitted the written opposition, it shall be certified with a signature and date on the MARK Degree Project Online Activity Form/SUDes Degree project Online Activity form by your own examiner.

The administrator for the Department of Architecture and Built Environment is Juvicsa Vela,, A-building, 4th floor, room A:4043.

4.   Mid-way Seminar

Mid-way through your degree project process you should present and discuss your half-way results with a group of students and teachers. This discussion will be chaired by your supervisor/examiner and take place as a common meeting in mid-

March. Participation in this seminar shall be noted, signed and dated on

your MARK Degree Project Online Activity Form/SUDes Degree Project Online Activity Form.

5.   Registration for the presentation/examination

No later than three weeks before the scheduled examination, you must (after getting an OK from the examiner) submit a brief description of the degree project (thesis) (max 300 words editable text in a Word document) and upload a digital picture (JPEG). This material will be used for advertising the examination on the department's website. (For MARK: Upload it to Canvas as well)

6.   Report/reading materials

No later than one week before the presentation, you must make your degree project (thesis) available online by uploading it to a special LU Box created for your examination (pdf format, maximum 20 MB). If the degree project is very voluminous, the material must be summarized and uploaded with a main part and additional attachments, or in some other way be made easily available (discuss this with your supervisor/examiner).

Precise information to access the LU Box will be given at a later time.

7.   Presentation

The degree project shall be presented to an evaluation group consisting of at least three persons. The programme management appoints and coordinates a suitable evaluation group for each student. The group has ha broad composition with both academic and professional architects (examiner, teacher at the architecture programme, external representatives).

During the presentation, the degree project receives a thorough appraisal where discussion and comments offer guidance for synthesizing the final report.

The work shall then be showcased immediately after the presentation (site will be directed).

8.   Final report

Final report must be submitted to the examiner no later than one week after held presentation for assessment and examination. This shall be signed and dated on the MARK Degree Project Online Activity Form/SUDes Degree Project Online Activity Form.

The report shall be written in English.

The introduction of the report sets out the program conditions that have been given, an introduction to the topic choice/theme and the context related to (socially, research, artistic, etc.).

The title page of the report shall be provided with the following information:

Course: AAHM10: Degree Project in Architecture/ASBM01: Degree Project in Sustainable Urban Design; LTH; Year; Title; Author; Examiner; Supervisor.

When the examiner assesses your work as approved you can proceed to step nine.

9.   Report delivery

As soon as possible after approved thesis of the examiner, you shall provide two physical reports and a digital version of your thesis with print quality to the department’s administrator (via e-mail or Wetransfer if the file is large), as well as upload the report in the LUP Student Papers (Lund University's database for thesis and essays). The department’s administrator can assist in the submission process.

The report is to be archived at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment and a reference copy will be placed in Library of Architecture and Design.

Once all steps of the activity form are completed, signed and dated, submitted results can be reported in Ladok. In order to receive your grade promptly and be able to apply for your degree certificate, you must deliver your report to the department administrator within 2 weeks of the approval of the thesis. If you choose to deliver the report at a later stage, you are not guaranteed a prompt report of grade.

You choose where and how you want to print your reports. Through Media-Tryck, the university’s own printing and design agency, you have the option to ask the personnel to send the printed copies directly to the department's administrator if you cannot pick them upyourself. Media-Tryck wants you to use the following job options for InDesign.

Download templates and job options at Media-tryck’s website

Once the credit for your degree project is registered in Ladok and all courses within the programme are finished, you have the right to apply for your degree certificate.

Click here to apply online.

Workplace for degree project

Fill in the form and send it by e-mail to or print it and leave to Juvicsa Vela, A-building, 4th floor, room A:4043. Ifyou have any questions, contact Juvicsa at +46 (0)73 867 84 28.

It is required that you are registered for the course in order to be assigned a workplace (subject to availability). Do not send the form to the administrator until you have been registered for the course.

Contact information

Postal address:

Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Box 118, 221 00 Lund

Visiting address: Sölvegatan 24, 223 62 Lund 

Telephone Lund University: +46 (0)46-222 00 00



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