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Misagh Mottaghi will present "Children's places in stormwater places" at Culture Urban Space 3–7 February


The Conference Culture in Urban Space is held in Malmö and Copenhagen 3–7 February 2020.

Culture in Urban Space has 5 sessions (themes) and on February 5 – under the 2nd session "Using the city"– Misagh will present the project "Children's places in stormwater places" on behalf of a research group  consisting of Maria Kylin from SLU and Sandra Kopljar and Catharina Sternudd from the Department of Architecture and Built Environment.

The conference has 5 sessions (themes):

1. What is the meaning of the city?

2. Using the city

3. Cities in transition

4. Art in the city, the city as art

5. Spaces of unity, spaces of division

What: Urban Form, Cultural Landscapes, Life in the City

When: 3–7 February 2020, Malmö, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark

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