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Researcher shortlisted for lighting-award


We are proud to announce that Niko Gentile, researcher and associate senior lecturer at Lund University, has been recognized and shortlisted for an award on lighting research by the Professional Lighting Design Convention.

The intent of the award is to recognize the individual / institution that has made a significant impact on the field of Architectural Lighting Design either through his/her/its general research program or through a specific research topic.

For Niko, the recognition being for his sustained and ongoing research in the field of daylighting. His expertise lies primarily in the visual and non-visual effects of daylighting and electric lighting.

– Nice things are even nicer when they happen unexpectedly. Being shortlisted for the PLDC Research Awards is a certainly a personal delight, but the motivation in support of the nomination are a great acknowledgment for our research group at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment in Lund. We are a bunch of enthusiastic researchers working with daylighting and lighting related matters. The group has been active for years and my contribution is relatively recent. I am happy to have grown up here professionally and this recognition is for all of us, says Niko Gentile.

Read more about the Profesional Lighting Design Convention award here: