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Spring Exhibition 2020



The Spring Exhibition of 2020 was different than other years. Instead of the physical exhibition in the A-building, we showed with the catalogue how students, teachers and employees carried out their work distanced from eachother.

The joy of work and energy were included in this journey and everyone did their very best!

Exhibition Catalogue

Made by Tova Laurell, Rikard Ostrand and Hanna Xu (second year students in Architecture)


Grand Opening Live Streaming 

Music made by Vilhelm Lizell (second year student in Architecture) 



- Introduction by Tomas Tägil, Head of School  

- Thanks to Peter Sjöström, retiring after many years as Master Director at SUDes 

- Scholarship in memory of Sara Birnbaum  

- Award of Pedagogical prize, Student organization by Filip Lundquist  

- Opening by Viktor Öwall, Dean at LTH