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Spring Exhibition 2017

Exhibition - Catalog  



Welcome to Lund School of Architecture

Spring Exhibition 2017

It is with great pleasure we take this opportunity to present selected works of spring 2017. This year’s exhibition – the 15th– celebrates the creative process. All four hundred students,from first to fifth year, exhibit their projects in drawings, modelsand installations. The range of projects is, as usual, wide:from re-making of an old factory in Staffanstorp to the extremeenvironments of the Philippines.Lund School of Architecture offers three educationalprogrammes: the five-year programme in Architecture (A), thetwo-year international Master’s programme in Architecture(MARK), and the two-year international Master’s programmein Sustainable Urban Design (SUDES). Each semester, theschool also hosts around 40 exchange students participating inadvanced level courses.I would like to express my warmest thanks to all students,teachers and other staff who have made this exhibition possible.I would also like to direct a very special thanks to the exhibitioncoordinators, Klara Bengtsson and Käbi Noodapera Ramel.We wish you all an exciting time at the School of Architecture.


Christer Malmström

Head of School, Professor


Article (in Swedish) Skånska Dagbladet 23 May, by Joakim Stierna. 








Bilder: Ida Fia Sveningsson