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Studierektor, forskarutbildning 

Gunnar Sandin 

Telefon: +46 46 222 33 45 


Utbildningsadministratör, forskarutbildning 

Filip Lidegren 

Telefon:  +46 46 222 76 10

Genomförda disputationer 2019-2020


Crowdability of Urban Space Ordinary rhythms of clustering and declustering and their architectural prerequisites

Sahar Alrabadi (4 december 2020) 

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PROTOTYPING PLATEAU GEHRY_CONNECTIVES - Reading Frank Gehry’s Experiments through Deleuze and Guattari

Pawel Szychalski (8 juni 2020)

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Light, Comfort and Joy: User Experience of Light and Darkness in Swedish Homes

Kiran Maini Gerhardsson (25 maj 2020) 

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Towards a Minor Urbanism Thinking Community without Unity in Recent Makings of Public Space,

Ida Sandström (11 juni 2019)

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Urban outdoor lighting Pedestrian perception, evaluation and behaviour in the lit environment

Johan Rahm (12 juni 2019) 

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Evaluating energy effi cient buildings Energy- and moisture performance considering future climate change

Björn Berggren (14 juni 2019) 

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User involvement in housing recovery

Ivette Arroyo Baquero (16 maj 2019) 

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Effects of Art and Design on Orientation in Healthcare Architecture A study of wayfinding and wayshowing in a Swedish hospital setting

Ibrahim, Muna (25 april 2019)

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