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Collaboration projects

Land Arc - Residency programme for artists and architects

We are now launching Land Arc - a new residency programme at Kivik Art Centre. In collaboration with the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at LTH, Faculty of Engineering, three people have been accepted and will stay at Kivik Art Centre between 16 February and 15 March.

The Land Arc joint residency programme aims to bring together young artists, architects, engineers and ecologists from different countries and offer them the opportunity to meet and develop ideas and practices in the field. In this first year, two artists and one architect will collaborate.

More about Land Arc on Kivik Art Centre's website

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SPARK- Collaborative platform for architecture and art

SPARK is a collaborative platform in Malmö that aims to strengthen the interface between architecture, art, research and community development through exhibitions and lectures. The aim is to promote artistic processes in architecture and urban development by activating intersections between art, architecture, urban design and landscape architecture.

SPARK aims to exhibit works that provoke a critical discourse in current urban construction through exploratory, experimental, trans- and interdisciplinary methods. SPARK collaborates with the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Lund University, Architects Sweden Skåne and Molekyl Gallery.

SPARK's website

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Science & Innovation Talks  

is an in-depth discussion between academia and industry on various societal challenges.

The goal is to increase the contact areas between the actors with the hope that increased collaboration will contribute to the development of cutting-edge competencies in both. The discussions take place in Swedish. 

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Människor går runt. Foto.

Urban Arena – Research on sustainable urban development

The work is done through increased collaboration and integration of research and teaching on sustainable urban development within Lund University and increased internal and external communication of Lund University’s activities in the field of sustainable urban development.

We collect, present and elaborate on research, on Lund University courses and programmes, and other activities linked to sustainable urban development.

We connect researchers from different departments and divisions at Lund University. Closer collaborations and new meeting places reinforce research.

Urban Arena's website

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