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About ABM

The Department of Architecture and Built Environment is responsible for staffing the courses offered at the School of Architecture at Lund University. We are also responsible for courses at other schools in Lund and Helsingborg.

In consultation with the programs, we review the course offering, produce course plans, formulate content and staff the courses with teachers. The department is also responsible for the operation's premises and support activities such as caretaking and office.

Great emphasis is placed on development work, postgraduate education and research at the department. Collaboration with the surrounding society is another major task.

The department is lead by the head of department and the department board, of which the head of department is chairman.

The department board consists of representatives from the teaching and research staff, representatives from technical/administrative staff and representatives from the students (undergraduate and postgraduate education).

The Department Board works with strategic issues for teaching and research.

Department management:

Head of the Department,
Catharina Sternudd

Deputy and Deputy Head of Department,
Mattias Kärrholm

Administrative Manager Katarina Lans

Katarina is responsible for the department's budget work and accounting, and is head of the administrative unit.


New for our organization (spring/autumn 2021)

Head of unit with responsibility for operations, personnel and finances for the department's three units. The head of unit is appointed for a period of three years starting on 1 July 2021.


Head of Unit:


Unit City Dwelling Environment: Manager Lars-Henrik Ståhl

Subject groups:

Housing Development & Management

Environmental psychology

Urban design and urbanism


Unit Form Design Culture: Manager Mats Hultman

Subject groups:

Architecture, form and design

Architecture and culture


More about Subject groups: 

The department covers the subject groups Architecture, form and design, Architecture and culture,  Energy and building design, Environmental psychology, Housing development and management and Urban design and urbanism. 

A description of the subject groups can be found in the menu.

The convener of the subject council is Mattias Kärrholm.