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Image of the Protomycokion column, made from 3d printed wood pulp and fungus.
Close up image of Meristem Wall - 3d printed wall prototype
Close up image of Meristem Wall, showing texture detail of bioreceptive interior designed to be easily colonizable by plants.
Phot from vernissage of Xenoikos, an exhibition at Spark gallery.
Shelf with 3d printed clay sculptures from the "Desires" exhibition at Form/Design Center.

Welcome to bioDigital matter

bioDigital matter are a research lab exploring the intertwined realities of biology, design, and computation. We are architects seeking a radically different future, where principles of self-organization and emergence shape our built environment through cybernetics, organic materiality, and adaptation: the interactive phylogenesis of architecture.

Based at the Department of Architecture at Lund University, one of Scandinavia’s oldest and most multidisciplinary universities, biodigital matter pursues collaborations with researchers and students in a multitude of fields and locations. bioDigital matter was founded on a shared belief and passion for how a conscious use of technology can change our relationship with the world around us in profound and positive ways.

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