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SUDes Conference 2014


Taking place September 22 in Lund, A-LTH Info:


Making Performative Places – RE-thinking the public realm

Sustainable Urban Design at Department of Architecture and Built Environment, LTH invites you to the 9thannual conference 

Making Performative Places – Re-thinking the public realm the 22nd September 2014 at A-huset Sölvegatan 24, Lund.

An international group of keynote speakers will discuss the topic of performative places in the urban environment from different angles;

Performance as activating spaces through lights, greenery, actions, senses and sustainablility, a richer and more meaningful public life.

Urban designers are re-thinking the search for urban form; probing for deeper meanings, exploring different narratives, searching for hidden dimensions and re-presenting the ephermeral flows of daily life, all in an effort to create a more enriching, meaningful and sustainable urban existence. The search has been enhanced by new tools and new knowledge, creating an expanded field of enquiry, both confirming and challenging old assumptions and sensibilities.

“Harrison Fraker, Berkeley USA”