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Lecture by Oscar Abrahamsson "In is the new out" 23 May at 19:30, School of Architecture, Lund University

Lecture by Oscar Abrahamsson, Bachelor Degree at School of Architecture, Lund University. Master Degree at SCI Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) and awarded with SCI Arc Merit Thesis Award 2016.  

From the description of the project:

Today, as our cities are becoming increasingly dense - the role of internal spaces are rising as ever-more important in defining urbanity. And in a moment in which our private lives have become exposed and controlled in almost every aspect, the interior has become the eminent space of refuge, providing anonymity and freedom.

In Is the New Out offers a radical reexamination of the interior as the last urban refuge in 21st century Los Angeles, by introducing a new kind of urban configuration, where public life takes place within blank interior voided figures.

By envisioning not only the ‘inside(s)’ of the city to be turned out, but the ‘insides’ in themselves to be re-conceptualized as huge voided figures, embedded as part of the surrounding urban fabric, this thesis proposes a semi-internal, semi-autonomous world of interior urbanism that destabilizes the traditional tropes of urban space and proposes a new configuration for an increasingly denser Los Angeles.